Free GOLF BAG With Any Set Purchased!

This weekend only (Sept 23/24)

Rent a high quality fitted set for the same or less money than buying an off brand product

Try-2-Buy Set



NOTE – If you rent a set before June 30, you will return or purchase the set by December 31 of the same year.  Rentals July 1 or after will be due by March 31 of the following year.

Do you have a junior golfer who is giving golf a try for the first time? Tens of thousands of parents every Spring and Summer answer this question YES and face exactly the same dilemma…. what do I do about clubs for my child when I’m not sure they’ll continue to play. Until now, parents had only two bad choices; buy the cheapest clubs you can find and risk it negatively affecting your child’s first golfing experience or buy a quality set of clubs and risk having that investment go to waste if they don’t play in future.

We heard your concern and our Try-2-Buy program was designed to address this dilemma. EPEC are premium fitted to height clubs that will give your child their best chance of on-course success while minimizing your up front investment. In fact, you’ll spend the same or less compared to buying a cheap off brand product from Amazon. At the end of the season, you decide to return the set with no further obligation or purchase it as a discount to retail. Try-2-Buy is really the EASY BUTTON for parents!

Specification Information

Try-2-Buy FAQ's


The 3 club Try-2-Buy set includes a fairway wood, 7 iron, putter and bag whereas the 5 club Try-2-Buy has a driver, utility wood, 7 iron, 9 iron, putter and bag.

Assume the set will be “gently used”.  Sometimes however, we may send a new set.  Either way, the clubs are like new and performance tested and guaranteed.

If you rent a set before June 30, you will return or purchase the set by December 31 of the same year. Rentals after July 1 will be due by April 1 of the following year.

Email us at and let us know you plan to return the set.  By return email, we will provide a return authorization number (RMA#).  Write that RMA# on the box that the set was delivered in and take it to a UPS or FedEx Office store and send it to the following address:

1140 Old Peachtree Road, Suite F
Duluth, GA 30097

Make sure and write the RMA number clearly on the outside of the box.

Email us at and let us know that you want to keep the set.  We will then contact you by phone.
At this point, you’ll have two options:

-Keep the set you have and pay the difference between 75% of the retail price less what you paid initially or $59.99 for a 3 club set or $84.99 for a 5 club set.

-Return the set you have and receive a brand new 3 club set for $104.99 or 5 club set for for $154.99.

Failure to return the Try-2-Buy set will result in an additional charge of $59.99 for a 3 club set or $84.99 for a 5 club set.

EPEC’s Try-2-Buy program was created to give parents with beginner golfers the opportunity to play with high quality custom fitted clubs at a price comparable to cheap off brand sets sold at mass retail or on Amazon.  If the child loses interest after the season, simply return the set.


And leave your real email guys….  not some phony made up address.  Cause if you enter a phony email, you won’t get the code and if you don’t get the code you’ll overpay for junior clubs!  We won’t SPAM you.