Frequently Asked Questions

Great question and two simple answers. Fit by height (not age) and upgradeability. It is a proven fact that kids of the same age can vary in height by as much as 14-16 inches. So for you as a parent to buy your son or daughter golf clubs, their age is irrelevant. You should be buying clubs based on their current height and EPEC is one of only two companies that offer you this selection. Secondly, EPEC is the only brand of youth golf equipment designed to be upgradeable. This is important because it lowers the cost for you as a parent to keep your young golfer in properly fitted clubs. Instead of replacing entire sets, we upgrade clubs at a fraction of the cost of new.

Merchandising our product this way allows EPEC to offer you a range of options that no pro shop or retailer would ever be able to carry in stock.

Select the set that corresponds with the retail code that you purchased at the retail store or pro shop.  Once you arrive at Checkout here at, you’ll have an opportunity at the top of the page to enter the retail code and when you do, you will see the set you selected discounted to zero ($0.00).

It’s probably because you’re mistaking a number for an upper case letter. All codes begin with 2 upper case letters like CA, CB or CC. Following these 2 letters are 12 numbers or lower case letters. Make sure not to mistake a number like 0 for a capital O. Again, there are no capital letters used after the first 2 letters in the code.

We strive for excellence, however we recognize that sometimes mistakes are made. If you find any problems with your order, please contact customer service. Someone from our team will make it right. Please do not send any returns without authorization.

If the set you now prefer is of a greater dollar value you can use the code you purchased and it will discount the set you actually do buy by what you paid at the retail store.  The other scenario will not work however.  If you would now like a less expensive set, the code will only discount your purchase to zero, not below or generating a refund.  If you’d now like a less expensive set, return the code to where you purchased it and buy a less expensive code (set).

Yes. You can use the code to purchase any product on It will even offset taxes or freight on your order. If there is a balance remaining however, it cannot be refunded.

Tracking information will be provided at the time the order leaves our facility for delivery. If you do not receive tracking information, please reach out to our customer service department.

If you’re like most parents, you’re measuring your child’s height at least once or twice per year. We recommend that you upgrade when your son or daughter has grown 3 or more inches which can occur over the course of a year or in some cases, a few months. Waiting more than 3 inches to upgrade will cause your young golfers posture and swing to change to compensate for clubs that are now too short.

Of Course. If you want to buy single clubs in addition to one of our standard sets, you will have the opportunity to add those clubs to the set at time of purchase. If you are wanting to add to an existing set you own, go to SHOP CLUBS and scroll down to INDIVIDUAL CLUBS. There you will be able to choose the club(s) you desire.

EPEC irons can be bent plus or minus 2 degrees without impacting the standard 1 year warranty.

We offer 3 families of metal wood heads that change in 2 key ways: Weight/Volume – as kids grow, the head size and weight grow to enable taller stronger golfers to hit shots of greater distance. Loft – Taller stronger golfers need less loft to get a golf ball airborne. Thus, our smallest driver head has 22 degrees of loft whereas our largest head has 14 degrees. Most adults play with 10 to 12 degrees of loft. We recommend our small woods for set sizes #1 and #2, medium heads for sizes #3-6 and our largest heads for sizes #7-8. You can of course decide to upgrade shaft length only if your young golfer is hitting their woods well.