Trade-In Program

EPEC Golf has joined forces with 2nd Swing, the nation’s leading retailer of used golf equipment, to give new and existing EPEC customers and exciting way to buy or upgrade EPEC product. Now you can trade in any brand or type of club that you are no longer using in return for credit towards new EPEC sets, individual clubs or upgrades.  

Trading in your clubs and receiving credit can be accomplished in three (3) simple steps:

Trade-In Program FAQ's

Practically any type of club from any brand can be traded going back as far as 20+ years ago.

Once 2nd Swing receives your clubs they will take ~5-7 business days to inspect your clubs and issue the credit to EPEC Golf. You will be notified by email when they complete their work.

Send the 2nd Swing team an email with photos of the item to determine if pricing can be provided.

There is no limit to how many clubs you can trade in at any one time.

During checkout, you can select to use pre-paid FedEx shipping labels for $9.99. These are flat-rate labels that cover any size box, and the cost is deducted from the end total of the order. The $9.99 fee covers the shipping of the box. However, it does not cover the box itself or the packaging materials needed.

You can take your clubs along with the FedEx label from 2nd Swing to any FedEx Office location and they will have boxes to purchase.

If you have any questions or issues with the completed order, please give 2nd Swing a call at 612-208-1455.

Once 2nd Swing receives and inspects the clubs, they will issue a credit note to EPEC and we will apply this credit to your account. You can then use the credit for new product or upgrades.

If you have any questions or issues about your trade in please give 2nd Swing a call at 612-208-1455.

2nd Swing has three distinct condition categories set up through the trade-in program. A club in the New category has never been hit. The Average category covers the majority of used clubs that have light-to-normal wear and tear. Below Average would depict advanced wear on the club(s), including but not limited to visible paint chips, scratching to the face, or sky marks.