Redeem Codes

Redeem Codes

Did you buy a box at retail that says to look for a place on our website to “REDEEM CODES”?  You’re almost there.

In April 2022 we launched a new website and modified the code redemption process slightly.  

To proceed, go to “SHOP CLUBS -> CLUB SETS”, click on the set you purchased and add it to the Shopping Cart.

NOTE, it will look like you are going to be charged for this set but not to worry.

On the checkout page, look for this text at the top:

Click where it asks you to and you will be given a box to enter your code.

Once you do, the price of the set in your cart will be discounted down to zero.

One final point.  The code you purchased DOES NOT have to be used only for the set shown on the box or card.

For example, if you bought a code for a 5 Club set and decide that you’d rather have a 7 Club set, put the 7 Club set in your

shopping cart and at checkout the cost of that set will be discounted by the value of the 5 Club set.