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Thanks for visiting epecgolf.com, home to the industry’s only upgradeable junior clubs. Whether your young golfer is just starting out or playing tournament golf, the unique features of our product will deliver fantastic performance to them and great value to you, the parent or grandparent and purchaser of the product.

It’s rare when a brand can say it has highest quality and lowest cost. But through our innovative approach to equipment, this combination is made possible. As a parent who raised two boys in golf, I started EPEC because it just didn’t make sense to replace perfectly good sets of clubs every few months. Now, because of that experience, you won’t have to!

Richard Stamper
Founder, EPEC Golf


EPEC is one of only two brands that fit players by height.  All others fit by age.

This is a key distinction given that heights vary up to 14 inches within a single age.

Improper club fit is the #1 reason junior golfers develop poor swing fundamentals.


Making a junior golf club upgradeable is not marketing “hype”—it’s real innovation.

But more importantly, it’s real savings for you as a parent.  Like hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So why replace when you can upgrade and save?  With EPEC, just DO THE MATH!


Many brands don’t expect their product to last since your child will outgrow the clubs and move onto the next new set.

Because EPEC clubs are upgradeable, we build clubs to a higher standard which means they’ll perform as good in 5 years as they do today.  If you don’t believe me, ask Byron!


Not sure you need the quality and durability of EPEC?  If so, you may think your only choice is to buy the cheapest clubs you can find.

Not so.  EPEC’s Try-2-Buy program let’s your child use EPEC product and at the end of the season, you decide to keep or return—no questions asked.  All for what you would pay for one of those cheap sets.