KEEP the Set(s) you have

If you want to hold onto the original set (or sets) that you rented from EPEC, click on the appropriate set/link below, select the quantity of sets you have and then checkout.

3 Club Set - $59.99

5 Club Set - $84.99

Once you've completed this transaction there is nothing more you need to do. You own the sets outright!

Scoll down to see EXCHANGE

EXCHANGE the Set(s) you have

Nearly all rental customers decide to exchange the rental set they have for a brand new set. In most cases, the new set is one size larger which will save you the cost of an upgrade. Click on the set below that you'd like to exchange.

Proceed as if you are buying a new set and at checkout enter the coupon code shown. This will credit you for what you paid for your rental.

If you have more than 1 set of the same type to exchange, enter the same coupon code again but add a "-2" to the code for the second set. Return your rental sets in the box we ship to you using the return label included in the box.

3 Club Set - $104.99

Coupon Code - 3PC

5 Club Set - $154.99

Coupon Code - 5PC