Upgrade Clubs (with Exchange)

Upgrade Program

EPEC is the only upgradeable golf club product on the market today.  This innovation is important for one key reason; instead of replacing EPEC sets every time your young golfer grows, you upgrade at a fraction of the cost.  Going through this cycle a number of times before they transition into adult clubs and the numbers can become significant.  Explained below are the following:

What We Upgrade and Why

What Does An Upgrade Cost

How Long Do Upgrades Take

What We Upgrade and Why

Golf professionals universally agree that if a child does grow 3” or more, they should be fit into longer clubs. For most, that’s about 12-18 months.  Four (4) things are upgradeable in an EPEC set; shaftsweights in iron headsgolf bags and metal wood heads. Not every component has to be upgraded every time, except shafts.

The chart below illustrates the stages at which we recommend upgrading certain components. Moving from left to right, each time the bar increases in size, an upgrade of that component is suggested. But as explained in the next section, several of these recommendations are optional.

What Does An Upgrade Cost

The cost of each upgrade activity is shown in the chart below. Shaft upgrades are $15.00 per club and each iron weight we replace is an additional $5.00 charge. So the cost to upgrade a 5 club set can be as little as $75 to replace 5 shafts only. If that 5 club set was moving from a #2 to a #3, we would install new iron weights (2) and the upgrade cost would then be $85.

As shown, bags and metal woods are “optional” upgrades because that’s exactly what they are–optional. When you are forced to buy an entirely new set from all other brands, you have no choice but to replace everything whether it is needed not. Not with EPEC. If your young golfer is hitting their driver great, don’t change the head. Same for fairways and hybrids.

Bags are sized to fit a range of club sizes so there’s no clear cut time when you have to buy a new bag.

How Long Do Upgrades Take

Based on feedback from EPEC parents, starting in 2022, we will offer two ways to get your sets upgraded:

UPGRADE AND RETURN – this is our standard process where parents send in their set, we upgrade that set and send it back.  With shipping time both ways and time to complete the upgrade, this process can take 2+ weeks to complete which is time your young golfer is without their clubs.

EXCHANGE – as a premium alternative where your young golfer is never without clubs, we will immediately ship a replacement set based on your upgrade order.  Upon receipt of that set, you put your old set in the box that we shipped your replacement set in and apply the enclosed return label.  Drop the box at any FedEx location and you’re done.  Check out our FAQ’s below for answers to any question on both processes.


If you’re ready to begin an upgrade, please fill out the form below.

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Upgrade FAQ's

Yes.  There is a $30 upcharge for this process.

The additional cost for the Exchange program is related to the fact that not all of the clubs and bags coming back to us from parents can be re-used.

It could be either new or used but more often than not, gently used.  Any clubs or bags you receive will have been reconditioned and be in “like new” condition.

If you do not return your original set within 30 days after receiving your exchange set we will charge the credit card you used previously for an additional amount equal to the initial upgrade charge.