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EPEC 9 Club Set – Clubs Only


We are temporarily out of stock of #7 and #8 iron shafts. A shipment is expected in the week of May 20. You can still order but the clubs will not ship until the last week of May.


Product Description

The EPEC 9 club set is our most advanced offering as it gives your young golfer more options for scoring around the green.  In addition to a driver and utility wood, the set includes mid-irons (6, 7) along with short/scoring irons (8, 9, pitch and sand) and putter.

It is with these more complete sets where EPEC’s upgradeable approach really yields the most benefit.  To have to replace a 9 or 10 club set due to a sudden growth spurt can really be painful (and unnecessary).  With EPEC however, you can have peace of mind that your investment is protected!

Why EPEC? Because we are upgradeable!

Golf professionals universally agree that if a child does grow 3” or more, they should be fit into longer clubs. For most, that’s about 12-18 months.  Four (4) things are upgradeable in an EPEC set; shaftsweights in iron headsgolf bags and metal wood heads. Not every component has to be upgraded every time, except shafts.

The chart below illustrates the stages at which we recommend upgrading certain components. Moving from left to right, each time the bar increases in size, an upgrade of that component is suggested. But several of these recommendations are optional such as metal wood heads.

Here’s the net result of what upgradeability means to you as a parent.  It means you save hundreds of dollars every time your son, daughter or grandchild outgrows their clubs.  And listen to this.  If an older sibling completely outgrows EPEC clubs, you can “downgrade” the clubs and have them sized for a younger (shorter) sibling and start the process all over again.  Now how cool is that? 

We also welcome second owner upgrades.  With EPEC, all are welcome!

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