EPEC Utility Wood



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EPEC sets come in 4 different configurations to match the skill set, playing ability and aspirations of your young golfer.  Our 3 club set starts them out with our most forgiving clubs in a fairway driver, 7 iron and putter.  The 5 club set moves to a full fledged driver and adds a hybrid along with a 7 iron, 9 iron and putter.  

From there, the more advanced 7 club set brings in a longer iron (5) and a scoring iron (Pitching Wedge) which are two aspects of the game develop with time and finally, the 9 club set fills out the range with an 8 iron and Sand Wedge.  All EPEC clubs share one key feature and that is their upgradeability.  When your son or daughter grows, you'll upgrade their clubs instead of replace and in the process save substantial sums of money.

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