EPEC 9 Club Set


Add young golfers name or nickname on their bag!

They are going to need golf balls!


NOTE – If you have a Code purchased at an authorized EPEC retailer you will have an opportunity to enter that Code at checkout, reducing your purchase by the amount paid for the Code.


The EPEC 9 club set is our most advanced offering as it gives your young golfer more options for scoring around the green.  In addition to driver and utility, the set includes mid-irons (6, 7) along with short/scoring irons (8, 9, pitch and sand).  The set also includes a putter and golf bag with our innovative interchangeable side panels that come in 4 different colors.  One panel can be silk screened with your son or daughters name or nickname for a small upcharge.

It is with these more complete sets where EPEC’s upgradeable approach really yields the most benefit.  To have to replace a 9 or 10 club set due to a sudden growth spurt can really be painful (and unnecessary).  With EPEC however, you can have peace of mind that your investment is protected!

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